Imposante Außenansicht der Zahnklinik PODBI 344 in Hannover.

PODBI344: Dental practice and dental clinic in Hanover

Healthcare needs trust! We rely on individual and personal care. Dr. Gerald Schillig, Sven Schwenke de Wall, Sarah Hinrichs, Dr. Kim Burkert, Dr. Thilo Schleicher and their team provide dental healthcare with that certain something. Here we have compiled our most important service areas for you.

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Teeth implants and dentures Safety and quality of life from your PODBI344 in Hanover!

People, who lose teeth also lose quality of life. That’s why we specialize in helping our patients to get back their pleasure and vitality. Because fixed teeth means: eating what tastes good, speaking easily and a confident smile!

In case of lost teeth, implants replace single teeth as well as wider gaps. The treatment with implants is very popular because there is no comparable alternative to one’s own teeth. Crowns, bridges and dentures are fixed permanently with the dental implants. Even edentulous jaws are optimally treated with fixed dentures on implants.

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Ein Zahnarzt der PODBI344 in Hannover erklärt einem älteren Patienten die Vorteile von festen Zähnen an einem Tag.

Fixed teeth in one day Health and quality of life with dentures on implants

With the “All-on-4-method for fixed teeth in one day”, our patients get a new smile and a new vitality – in just one day of treatment! Already in the evening of the treatment it is possible to eat and drink again! In this way quality of life is measurable from the very first day.

All of this is made possible by fixed dentures on implants. For this a lengthy bone regeneration is usually not necessary. Gathering all experts under one roof offers service, comfort and maximum safety: implant surgeons, anaesthetists, dental technicians and dental hygienists are always there for you!

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The dentists in PODBI344 in Hanover: Dentistry a little bit more individual

You want individualized treatment and personal attention? Then this is the right place for you! For the experienced team around Dr. Gerald Schillig, Sven Schwenke de Wall, Sarah Hinrichs, Dr. Kim Burkert and Dr. Thilo Schleicher, dentistry is a matter of the heart. The patient is always the focus. We take as much time as needed for you and your individual treatment, which is not only appreciated by patients with dental phobia, but also especially appreciated by those who want more. Our aim is your health. We place particular value on recognizing illnesses quickly, on acting as early as possible and on avoiding risks to your health.

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Biological dentistry Hanover: Holistic treatment in „PODBI344“

Our treatment approach of „BIO-dentistry“ transcends a patient’s simple oral health. We consider the entire person and their health. For us, naturopathic aspects are very important. This is the reason why we pay attention to unhealthy filling material and metals, environmental and social stresses as well as a supporting diet. Our dentists Dr. Gerald Schillig and Sven Schwenke de Wall are trained in dental naturopathy. Moreover, Dr. Gerald Schillig is an experienced alternative practitioner.

Furthermore, our aesthetic specialist Sarah Hinrichs and our expert for prophylaxis and prevention, Dr. Kim Burkert and Dr. Thilo Schleicher as well as our complete team assist our patients in various situations.

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Aesthetics for teeth and face: Harmony from your dental practice Hanover

Teeth are an essential likeability factor in facial appearance. Natural beauty without beautiful teeth does not exist.

Therefore, we base our actions on aesthetics, even though health aspects are predominant. For us, high-quality, tooth-coloured filling material and metal-free all-ceramic crowns and dentures are the obvious choice. With invisible braces, bleaching or veneers we give our patients a Hollywood-Smile. Always appropriate and individualized to their facial features.

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Die elegante und moderne Rezeption der Zahnklinik PODBI344 in Hannover

Dental clinic in “PODBI344” in Hanover: Dentistry and service for your needs

The dental clinic is partner of the dental practice PODBI344 for complex surgical cases. Dr. Gerald Schillig, Sven Schwenke de Wall, Sarah Hinrichs, Dr. Kim Burkert and Dr. Thilo Schleicher offer individual solutions to people with complicated dental care needs.

Personal proximity and time for our patients are very important to us – especially in cases of more complex surgical interventions. A detailed, precisely planned procedure is particularly crucial for surgery and implantology: from a patients reception to their discharge! Because it’s the details that make the result complete and are responsible for the treatment’s success.

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